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“We are honored to be recognized by the Davey Awards for our strategic marketing efforts and thrilled to be in the company of such a respected group of honorees.”


The Marketing Platforms Team


“Seeing our ideas come to fruition and receiving award recognition for those projects lets our company and clients know that we are continuously positioning them for success.”


Cory Isaacson, Co-Founder
Walton Isaacson


“Winning a Davey Award proves our work is among the best in the industry and shows clients we deliver on our promises. ”


Alan Gilleo, Chief Creative Officer
LeapFrog Interactive


“Having our ‘big ideas’ recognized in this prestigious international competition gives small firms like ours the chance to shine.”


Dawn Newsome, Owner
Moonlight Creative Group


“The publicity of winning the Davey Award builds public awareness of our company, helping us land more jobs… plain and simple”.


Paul Feith, Owner
Paul Gregory Media


“Winning a Davey Award helps to set our business apart from other competing firms in our area and also allows us to continue to tout our “award winning ways”.


Jackie Fortus
The Marcus Group, Inc.


“Winning a Davey Award helps us promote our productions and let our customers know that we have been recognized for our outstanding work.”


Gwendolyn Jeffries, Production Assistant
Sinclair Institute


“We know, even as a smaller shop, that we can compete and do award winning work.”


Dave Everson, Creative Director
Pinnacle Advertising & Marketing Group


“We’re honored to share in this prestigious recognition with our clients. The Davey Awards are a testimonial that you don’t need to have a big budget to achieve outstanding results.”


Mark Dollan, President & Founder
Ixion Creative


“Potential clients really pay attention when they discover that we as a small agency have in-house talent capable of producing work that can win such a prestigious award.”


Helena Johnson, Executive Producer/Writer
FirstLine Creative Resources


“Affirmation is always terrific and confidence building particularly when it comes from a group as distinguished as the Davey Award judges.”


Jon Cormier, Editor
Nomad Communications


“It was truly an honor to be recognized by such a prestigious award. Winning the Davey Award raises the bar and challenges us to better our work.”


Teresa Martinez, Writer/Producer
Archdiocese of Miami


“Winning this award has established instant credibility for our company.”


Christopher C. Hayes, President & Principal Designer
Amalgamated Pixels, LLC


“Winning a prestigious Davey Award gives our team a sense of the value of the work and creativity we have contributed to our instructional programs. We know we’ve done a good job if we’ve won a Davey!”


Mary Elizabeth Smith, Development Writer
MEDIC FIRST AID International, Inc.


“The Davey Award gives validation and credence to small shops doing big things.”


Steve Rutherford, President
Rutherford Media Group, Inc.


“We pride ourselves in creating high end sites that stand above our competition and to have that recognized by the Davey’s solidifies our reputation!”


Chez Ochoa, Creative Director
Appeal Media Interactive Studios