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Compassion in World Farming: Chicken Farming
by Explainly

"To be recognized in our industry with a Davey Award is truly symbolic of our growth and total passion for creating impactful, effective, appealing animated videos."

2022 Davey Award Gold Winner in Sustainability, Explainly, teamed up with the non-profit Compassion in World Farming to produce an animated online video to spread awareness about regenerative farming, an alternative to factory farming processes. We spoke with the team at Explainly to learn more about their creative direction, some risks they took, and their company culture.

What inspired the creative direction for Compassion in World Farming: Chicken Farming?
Explainly was tasked with creating a second video with our partner Compassion in World Farming, a non-profit animal welfare organization that aims to peacefully end factory farming practices. After collaborating on a final script about regenerative chicken farming practices, we developed a visual style that was not only light-hearted and engaging to watch, but also served to be educational and compelling – all while appropriately highlighting a serious and emotional subject.
What are some of the creative risks you took during the creation of the project?
A key risk that we kept in mind from the very beginning was the balance between touching our viewer’s emotions and avoiding being too overt or distasteful when depicting poor farming conditions. Additionally, instead of depicting specific, villainous characters operating said farms, we aimed to focus primarily on the animals, facilities, and simple, highly graphic representations of human characters. The result? A fun video with plenty of adorable animals and a strong message, that was finished quickly and on-schedule.

What is the culture like at Explainly?
Explainly fosters an incredibly collaborative work environment. In all of our projects, we strive to work as an extension of our client’s company. Therefore, before kicking off any project, we make sure to do the research needed to understand the company’s story and vision holistically. Each client at Explainly is paired up with a Project Manager and a Creative Producer for their video(s) who will be with them for every step of the process.

How did the animated video contribute to Explainly’s mission?
The Explainly team specializes in transforming business concepts into videos that solve problems. While this includes scriptwriting, it also includes visual direction. We combine engaging and efficient scriptwriting with complementary visuals to propel our client’s businesses and bring their stories to life. Through our expertise in media and business, we’ve been able to create pivotal processes to develop successful videos by defining the goals from an early stage and facilitating a holistic marketing approach through the utilization of our client’s brand voices. We developed an engaging, fluid, and creative visual style for our Compassion in World Farming: Chicken Farming video, and we are proud of the final result.


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