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The Davey Awards is exclusively for smaller agencies, companies, or organizations with annual billings or revenues below certain levels. See guidelines below. If you have questions concerning your eligibility, please email us at info@daveyawards.com or call us at (212) 675-3555.

Work completed since January 1, 2016 is eligible for the 12th Annual Davey Awards. Byentering online and submitting your entries to the Davey Awards, you certify that your entries meet all of the eligibility guidelines. The Davey Awards reserves the right to disqualify any work discovered to be ineligible with no refund of fees paid.

Type of Agency/Firm Maximum Billings or Revenues
Advertising Agency $25 Million Billings of Firm
Interactive Agency $25 Million Billings of Firm
In-house Creative/Marketing Department $25 Million Revenue of Company
Public Relations Firm $25 Million Billings
Media/Publishing Company $25 Million of Revenue
TV Station/Cable Company $25 Million of Revenue
Radio Stations $15 Million Revenue
Not-for-Profit Organization $15 Million Budget
Multimedia Production $15 Million Billings
Video/Film Production $15 Million Billings
Animation House $15 Million Billings
Display/Package Design Company $15 Million Billings
Graphic Design Firm $15 Million Billings
Commercial Art/Photography $10 Million Billings

To see the categories available for entry in each media click here.