Davey Winner Story

ReThink Penn Station
by Nova Concepts NY

2022 Gold
Online Film & Video
Craft - Art Direction

"The architecture is like a canvas and the lighting is like brushes, creating a piece of outstanding artwork."

2022 Davey Award Gold Winners, Nova Concepts NY, dives deep reflecting on their Online Film & Video, Craft-Art Direction winning entry “Rebuilding Old Penn Station.” A 360-degree virtual rendering created for non-profit ReThink Penn Station, the video takes viewers on an interactive tour of the original Penn Station that was demolished in 1963.

Those photo images stayed in our minds throughout the entire project. When we created our video, we aimed to capture the same feeling we felt looking at the photos for the first time and make our audience relive the timeless moment (with 21st century technology updates) through our video.

Once the 3D model was created, the next step was to find the materials. We worked to find some similar, existing architecture, built during the same time frame. This dramatically helped us to reimagine our station. After the 3D model and the material were chosen, we were able to explore the camera work and lighting– which was a real pleasure for us. The challenge was not the precision but how creative we could be within our video. The clips of the quick moving clock hands or the timelapse on lighting are our creative touches that enhance the overall mood for the video and help to tell the visual story.

What is the culture like at Nova Concepts?
At Nova Concepts, we try to take the challenge from projects for our clients as opportunities to be creative and grow instead of seeing them as obstacles. We embrace those opportunities and try to think outside the box. Being creative for solutions is important at Nova to make sure we can help our clients to reach their goals but also satisfy our artistic standards. We try to always learn something through our process and not just search for the quickest, shortest path to completion. We treat each project process individually and cherish the process as much as the final result.

What does winning a Davey Award mean to you and your team?
The Davey Award is the first award we have entered our Penn Station video into, so this was a great feeling for everyone here at Nova. We are really proud to share this video with others and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

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