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Launch of Philips Sleep Headphones with Kokoon
by Lightdrop

How often does an agency get to promote a product so integral to people’s daily routines that it will be used for one-third of their lives? LA-based agency Lightdrop jumped at the chance to produce the launch campaign video for the Philips Sleep Headphones by Kokoon. Designed to be worn while sleeping, the headphones are a technological breakthrough combining the latest in sleep tech with the most comfortable design on the market. See how Lightdrop brought together hand-drawn animation, VFX and an Emmy-award winning director to execute their creative vision that won the 2023 Best in Show for Online Advertising & Marketing – Video.

Describe your biggest obstacle or challenge for this launch.
Creating good synergy and project workflow between agency and client is crucial for any launch. But when you have two co-partners on a project, the challenges become even more complex.

Now imagine one of those partners (Philips) was founded at the end of the 19th Century, and the other at the start of the 21st Century (Kokoon.) And one company is a multinational health technology conglomerate, while the other is a dynamic newcomer.

The launch video was a creative journey, directed by our very own Emmy-award winning director, Carlo Alberto Orrechia. Set against the backdrop of a genuine Los Angeles loft bedroom, we meticulously planned the extended light design to ensure Philips’ brand colors were showcased prominently. Our animation department brought to life VFX shots that beautifully illustrated the Philips Sleep Headphones fitting snugly within the ear canal, plus hand-drawn animations to vividly portray a character enjoying undisturbed sleep in various noisy environments.

How does Lightdrop define creative success?
Creative success for Lightdrop is integrally bound to the ultimate success of our clients and partners. If we’re winning awards but aren’t achieving the goals we set for our client, then that would be a clear creative failure. We never lose sight that the creative should always be in service of our client’s needs – never the other way around. So when we do win awards like our Davey for our work with Philips and Kokoon, it’s incredibly gratifying because we know it’s a holistic victory for both ourselves and our clients.

Why did you enter the Davey Awards?
Everyone at Lightdrop felt our initiative for Philips and Kokoon was some of the best work we’ve ever created. But you want to test that belief and see how you really measure up against the most innovative and nimble boutique agencies out there. The place to do that is at the Davey Awards, and we’re honored to have won ‘Best-in-Show’ for our work.

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