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Kristen Kim, Host & Producer, Culture Kids Podcast

AIVA Juror Kristen Kim is the Host & Producer for Culture Kids Podcast, a multiple award-winning family show dedicated to empowering a generation of empathetic and creative global citizens. The podcast sparks curiosity about culture and geography in young minds, fostering kindness, inclusion, and celebrating all forms of diversity.

The show is hosted by Kristen and her 6-year-old son, Asher, with weekly episodes averaging about 17 minutes in length. From exploring the mysteries of the Great Blue Hole to discovering diverse holidays, the mission is to uplift the voices of communities worldwide, providing children with a sense of adventure and a deeper sense of empathy and appreciation for diversity. They’ve featured episodes in collaboration with organizations like the Polynesian Cultural Center, Navajo Nation, Sikh Coalition, and numerous others.

Since its launch in October 2022, Culture Kids has been selected as one of the Best Kids Media of 2023 with a 5-star rating by Common Sense Media, and nominated for the Webby Awards 3 times. The show recently won under Best Kids & Family category and was also nominated for the Ambies Awards.

Kristen previously worked at major networks such as CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Discovery Networks, and Eurosport in various departments including production operations, digital production, as well as content creation & licensing.

Kristen shared with us some of her favorite creators, websites and digital tools– for adults and kids!

Kristen's Picks


The Kanga Project
The Kanga Project was founded in 2016 with a vision to empower local communities by spreading joy and uplifting them through visual media. Their latest initiative takes this mission further by partnering with existing businesses, offering them resources, mentorship, and international recognition. The website invites visitors on a captivating journey through stunning visual media, including breathtaking images and engaging videos.

Know Your Caribbean
Know Your Caribbean is the premier website and platform for exploring Caribbean history and culture, aiming to enrich understanding by telling untold stories and promoting the region’s diversity and beauty.  Through various mediums like online content, films, and more, Know Your Caribbean fosters representation and dialogue, providing a vital space for the Caribbean diaspora to connect and feel a sense of belonging. Its comprehensive approach challenges shallow narratives and promotes a deeper appreciation for the region’s rich heritage.

Nat Geo Kids Weird But True
The National Geographic Kids website features a popular section called “Weird But True,” which showcases fascinating and quirky facts about the world around us. Kids love it because it’s both educational and entertaining, offering bite-sized nuggets of information that are surprising and fun to share with friends and family. With colorful visuals, engaging articles, and interactive quizzes, “Weird But True” encourages curiosity and exploration, making learning an enjoyable adventure for young minds.

Digital Tools

Roll AI
Roll AI uses artificial intelligence to automate video editing tasks, including captioning and thumbnail generation. By analyzing video content, it streamlines the creation process, allowing users to produce high-quality videos efficiently. Its intuitive interface and customizable features make it a valuable tool for content creators seeking to enhance their workflow and produce engaging content.  This is a new “must-try” for podcasters looking to create video content for interviews.

Learning a new language can always feel like a daunting process, but FluentU stands out as an innovative language-learning tool for several reasons. It offers a range of authentic real-world content, such as videos from movies, music, and news, providing learners with exposure to natural language use. Secondly, its interactive features, like subtitles, quizzes, and exercises, make learning engaging and dynamic.

Visla AI
Visla AI offers a powerful suite of tools for effortless video creation, ensuring brand consistency across projects while providing flexibility at various levels. With innovative features like the text-based AI video editor and enriched AI recommendations, it streamlines tasks such as creating customer testimonials and product demos.

Khan Academy Kids
We maintain a mostly traditional approach to screen time with our children, but we make an exception for Khan Academy Kids. This digital educational tool adopts a “whole child approach,” blending academic subjects with social-emotional learning for children aged 2 to 7. Its comprehensive curriculum spans math, reading, language, and emotional development, providing personalized learning paths and free access.


Mindset Mentor
I highly recommend The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial to anyone embarking on a business venture. What sets it apart from other motivational podcasts is its succinct and impactful messaging—your time will never feel wasted. Unlike shows that are overwhelmed with information, Rob Dial’s episodes are concise, ensuring engagement and clarity.

Culture Kids Podcast
Consider me biased, but I genuinely believe Culture Kids should be a staple in everyone’s weekly routine. With its warm, inclusive tone and focus on celebrating differences, the podcast aims to uplift communities globally, ensuring every child feels heard, acknowledged, and celebrated.

Charm Words
This podcast, created by ABF Creative, centers on a specific affirmation per episode, from promoting exercise to overcoming negative thoughts or finding courage in tough situations. It leaves listeners feeling motivated and uplifted, often encouraging actions like giving oneself a high five or sharing positivity with those around them.

Dear Alanna Podcast
“Dear Alanna” shares the heartbreaking journey of a young girl grappling with the challenges imposed by extreme religious beliefs, tragically culminating in her untimely death by suicide. This show underscores the need for conversations about acceptance, inclusion, and the devastating consequences of extreme religious conservatism on personal freedom and identity.


Rick Lee (@yox_rick)
In the vast sea of food and restaurant content creators, Rick Lee emerges as a standout. A freestyle rapper with a knack for crafting spontaneous lyrics, he infuses his videos with a poetic touch, leading viewers on a captivating journey through his culinary adventures. His unique documentary-style approach, brimming with emotion and poetic phrases, leaves a lasting impression, evoking feelings of nostalgia and reminiscence long after the video ends.

Michelle Li (@theveryasianfoundation)
Michelle Li is a TV news anchor, founder of Very Asian Foundation, a wife and mother.  After Michelle discussed the tradition of Koreans enjoying dumplings on her news show, a caller left a voicemail criticizing her for being “very Asian” and suggesting she keep her Korean heritage to herself. This incident prompted her to create the “Very Asian Foundation”, which has since made significant waves in the Asian American community worldwide. Her story serves as an inspiration to many Asian American creators, highlighting the power of turning experiences of social injustice and discrimination into opportunities for positive change.

Fiona Compton (@knowyourcaribbean) 
Fiona, the founder of Know Your Caribbean, creates a variety of content aimed at making Caribbean history and culture accessible. Through her Instagram account, she shares educational posts in short, palatable bursts, covering a range of topics from historical narratives to cultural traditions. Additionally, Know Your Caribbean produces a history-centered podcast listened to in over 70 countries, and Fiona utilizes archival and contemporary film, photographs, and art to engage audiences worldwide.


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