Winner Story

It's Good To Be A Dog At The Ridge Pinehurst
by The Ridge Senior Living

They say never work with kids or animals in showbiz, but Diane Macheers at The Ridge Senior Living and Jared Suhn at Game Changer Strategies love a challenge. The creative marketing duo were tasked with crafting a video to blow up social media and highlight the vibrant canine companions living with the residents of The Ridge Pinehurst. We chatted with them about casting the perfect pooch, finding out dogs can get stage fright, and winning 2023 Best in Show in Social Video – Animals & Pets.

Diane Macheers
VP of Corporate Communications,
The Ridge Senior Living

Jared Suhn
Creative Director,
Game Changer Strategies

Overcoming Challenges

The production was not without its hurdles. Casting the right dogs proved to be a significant challenge. Initially, the team planned to feature two dogs: a Bernese Mountain dog and Olive, a Golden Retriever. However, the Bernese Mountain dog experienced anxiety and health issues on the day of the shoot, requiring a swift change in plans. “We were like, okay, we need to pivot. So our stylist was there and she’s like, ‘I’ve got a dog!’” Diane explained.

“And we were like, ‘go get her!’” Jared said.

“Penny turned out to be a rock star on camera,” Diane gushed. With a small team and lots of videos to produce, this type of quick thinking and adaptability are key to Jared and Diane’s process.

Social Media Success

The video has been a hit on social media, particularly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. “This video has the most views and the most reach of any we’ve put out there,” Diane noted. As anyone in social media knows, animal videos tend to perform quite well, andIt’s Good To Be A Dog At The Ridge Pinehurst” is no exception.

“Who doesn’t want to share a dog video?” Diane explained.

The Davey Award-winning video, “It’s Good To Be A Dog At The Ridge Pinehurst,” is a testament to The Ridge Senior Living’s innovative spirit and dedication to creating a welcoming, pet-friendly environment. Through the collaborative efforts of Jared Suhn, Diane Macheers, and their small team, the video successfully captures the essence of The Ridge’s mission and continues to resonate with their residents, families and beyond.

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