Forum One

For more than 25 years, Forum One has amplified the impact of mission-driven organizations by strategizing and creating digital transformations for their clients. In a vast field of agencies, they stand out with their decades-long commitment to serving only impact organizations, working with groups around the world to do good. We sat down with Creative Director Corey Jones to discuss the creative ethos and the company culture that propelled this digital agency to win more than 50 Davey Awards.

The Creative at Forum One

Corey Jones
Creative Director, Forum One

Corey is an award-winning creative designer specializing in branding, animation, and interactive design. He works hand-in-hand with large nonprofits and government agencies to create stunning and impactful designs that help propel their missions and brands forward.

The Creative Ethos at Forum One

Corey then shed light on Forum One’s collaborative and exploratory approach to idea generation. The culture of the agency encourages each team member the freedom to follow their own unique creative process, and actively shuts down silos between departments. “Our ideation process involves close collaboration among user experience specialists, content experts, designers, and developers,” Corey explained, underscoring the value of diverse perspectives in enhancing the final outcome. In addition, “We regularly review past work to identify opportunities to improve and innovate. By staying informed on the latest in design and technology, we bring fresh ideas to every project.”

The Creative Future at Forum One

According to Corey, “Our creative team dedicates itself to delivering quality experiences, driven by a personal commitment to excellence and continuous learning.” This commitment has led to an evolution in capabilities, expanding from web design to interactive and motion design, enriching their branding and illustration expertise. And while the plethora of awards their work has earned has been important, as “they validate our success,” Corey emphasized that every endeavor is in service of the mission and impact-driven clients they support and Forum One’s dedication to making a meaningful difference through their work.

Corey described himself as “someone inherently open to change,” so he is excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead with the ongoing advancements in AI and spatial computing. “These technologies offer new ways to enhance our work,” he says, “And as someone who thrives on learning, I am eager to see where they can take us.” No matter the changes ahead, he assured us that purpose, passion, and curiosity will continue to serve as guiding principles for future projects, continuing Forum One’s steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation for the mission-driven.