AIVA Jurors Look Back
On The Season

The work submitted to this year’s Davey Awards showed some of the most brilliant ideas our jury has ever reviewed. We asked some of our AIVA jurors to share their thoughts on the work this season.

Linda A. Fanaras
Millennium Agency

“It was a great privilege and a truly enriching experience to be a part of the jury panel for the Davey Awards. The submissions we reviewed were outstanding, demonstrating remarkable creativity and innovation. The Davey winning entries demonstrated a deep grasp of the digital landscape, distinguishing themselves and leaving a lasting impact on me.”

Jason Safir
Creative Director
Three Point Zero Studios

“Judging for the Davey Awards is a truly unique experience, where we have the chance to explore creative diversity and innovation, regardless of budget constraints. The winning entries this year stand as a testament to the industry’s inclusive spirit and unwavering commitment to celebrating and embracing a wide spectrum of voices and perspectives. Congratulations to all participants for showcasing their exceptional work.”

Jodi Eckes
CEO + Founder

“Judging the 2023 Davey Awards was truly a privilege. The winning entries demonstrate the passion and commitment of small agencies to meet clients’ needs with thoughtful, strategic, comprehensive and well-executed work. From heartfelt nonprofit campaigns to superpowered product launches, these entries continue to prove you don’t need massive teams or huge budgets to produce work that impacts, informs and moves people. You just need the right team. Congratulations to this year’s winners!”

Kareem Mortimer
Best Yet Entertainment

“I had the honor of serving as a judge for the submissions this year, and it was an absolute pleasure and privilege to review the remarkable talent showcased by this year’s participants. Evaluating their work allowed me to learn more about many subjects, including products, history, and science, and the ability to chuckle at the genius of some of the comedic entries. Most importantly, some entries highlighted people and organizations who deserve recognition. This experience was a delight, and I take great pride in participating in this community.”

Andrew Hillstead
Founder & Creative DIrector
Psychoactive Studios

“Serving as a judge for the Davey Awards this season was an honour. The quality of submissions was a reminder of the standards we set at Psychoactive Studios. Each entry showed careful thought and genuine skill. I was impressed by the dedication evident in all the projects. It was a privilege to review such meaningful and well-executed work.”

Michael Bednar
Chief Creative Officer

“In this year’s Daveys, two creative forces really stood out–creative innovation and steller brand storytelling. Both of which are the lifeblood of branding today. I saw bold, new ideas and approaches to connecting with audiences. Along with an elevated level of brand narratives, conceptually and in execution. As always, small agencies with big creativity.”

Dee Harris
Chief Strategic Engagement Officer
Family & Children’s Services

“Serving as a juror for the Davey Awards was truly an inspiring experience. The remarkable ingenuity exhibited by these “Creative Davids,” regardless of their modest scale, serves as a powerful reminder to us all that creativity and brilliance are not confined to those with abundant resources. It’s an immense privilege to play a part in celebrating exceptional work and inspiring those who will shape the future of creativity.”