AIVA Jurors Look Back
On The Season

The work submitted to this year’s Davey Awards showed some of the most brilliant ideas our jury has ever reviewed. We asked some of our AIVA jurors to share their thoughts on the work this season.

Andrew Li
Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Userly Labs

“Participating as a jury in this season’s Davey Awards has been a tremendously enriching experience. The submissions demonstrated a very high level of creative innovation and visual excellence. They represent the emerging design trend, which I feel will inspire many designers. Congratulations to all winners; your efforts greatly elevate our collective creative path ahead.”

Lilu Rami
Art Director
Clever Media Publishing

“As an Art Director, the Davey Awards 2023 entries left me awestruck by the level of craftsmanship and originality on display. It’s a reminder that our industry continues to push the envelope of creativity. I was captivated by the diversity of entries this year. Each piece was a window into the minds of artists and creators, reminding us of the power of visual communication. Creativity is the currency of the Davey Awards, and each entry is a valuable contribution to the ever-evolving tapestry of design. It is a privilege to witness such brilliance.”

Bruce Leto, Jr.
Dynamic Wave Consulting

“Judging the Davey Awards this year has been eye-opening, for me, in revealing elements that consistently responsive, excellent, appropriately-branded websites have in common: modernity, cleanliness, graphics, “heroes” that are eye-catching and grab the attention of viewers instantly. I have really enjoyed viewing, judging, and commenting on such high quality, professional websites, which have been extremely informative from a judging perspective.”

Jan Miller
21-13 Impact Graphics, Inc.

“The quality and detail of the work that I got to see as a first time Judge was amazing. There is so much talent out there and it’s incredible to see it all in one place.”

Brooke Lewis Bellas
Owner, Producer
Philly Chick Pictures

“As an honored member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, it was a privilege to judge the Davey Awards. The Davey Awards are inspiring to me, as it “honors the achievements of the ‘Creative Davids’ who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets and creates a much-needed space to acknowledge smaller companies and content creators. I was truly awe-inspired watching the extraordinary amount of impressive international work in 2023. Congratulations!”

Vishali Bawa
Sr. Art Director
Digitas Health, NY

“Having served as a jury member for AIVA since 2018, this season’s Davey awards continued to astound me with their level of ingenuity, particularly in the digital terrain. The submissions showcased an unprecedented dedication to pushing creative boundaries, resulting in an exceptional pool of talent. The winning entries were especially noteworthy, showcasing a great blend of innovation, aesthetics, and purposeful storytelling, now with the integration of AI. It’s remarkable to witness the evolution of design year after year. The exceptional work this season reaffirms the immense talent and the vast potential for the future within our community.”