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Daniele Buzzurro
Founder, DW DreamYourMind

Daniele’s lifelong passion for books, movies, and technology led him to be part of the world of communication. With degrees in Communication Sciences and Economics of Communication, he became deeply involved in Public Relations, holding leadership positions in organizations like CERP Students Italy and Public Relations Society Students of America (PRSSA). In 2000, he founded DW DreamyourMind, an internet-focused venture, and later became a graduate professor at Unicusano University. Daniele’s articles have graced prestigious platforms such as the Huffington Post, Wired, and Radio Radicale.

Daniele has been an organizer of TEDxViaDellaConciliazione and Connekt Art Expo. He founded La Scuola di Rosa and conceptualized Italia Design Map (IDM). With a profound understanding of startups and venture capital, he actively seeks promising unicorns and speaks at events like Vancouver Startup Week. Recently, he has engaged with his audience through webinars on topics like social media, electronic invoicing, HTML, and coding languages. Living a dynamic life across Rome, Vancouver, and Dubai, Daniele’s journey includes roles as a Business Advisor for Gourmicious and ARPICO ex-Board of Directors’ Communication Manager. He loves sharing his passions with a global audience while enjoying the company of his wonderful wife and their baby principessa, Estella.

Daniele's Selects

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Kubrick’s film reverses societal norms, revealing hidden obsessions and the true face of society beneath the masks we wear.
Her (2013)
Spike Jonze’s film reimagines the soul in a technologically interconnected society, offering a profound exploration of human experience and emotion in the AI era.
The Shining (1980)
Another Kubrick masterpiece to be admired with a remarkable performance by Jack Nicholson from the first frame.

Dune by Frank Herbert
A timeless classic that explores themes of power, religion, hidden manipulation, social conscience, and ecological responsibility.
Neuromancer by William Gibson
Gibson explores how technology impacts humanity and serves as a warning about the importance of humans maintaining control over technology.
Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
One of the best biographies ever written. The book is based on numerous interviews, portrays a complex but visionary leader who achieved remarkable results by challenging convention and valuing efficiency in his interpersonal relationships.


Young SerifVery beautiful to see
Cormorant – Strong, but not aggressive
Woodland – Easy yet particular


https://powerline.io/Simple but with a great effect
https://www.runescape.com/communityInteresting game, full of skills
https://tinysubversions.com/game/spelunky/Simple, and based on HTML5


https://www.steptothefuture.it/Beautiful and easy to navigate website. Great font.
https://9010.it/itEssential but full of effect. Font is useful.
https://www.sace.it/mappe#/mappe/homeVery useful map of the world.

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