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Heather Pinheiro

Art Director, Esquire Digital

Heather has been working in the design industry since 2009 and has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, visual communication and design. Passionate about everything related to art and design, she graduated with a double concentration in both design and painting and has found it interesting and exciting using her background for digital solutions, branding, art direction and more. 

She currently work as the Art Director for Esquire Digital, a marketing agency out of Philadelphia that specializes in legal marketing. 

Heather currently is a juror for the w3 Awards, Davey Awards, and Communicator Awards — and has had the honor of winning each between 2020 and 2022. In addition, she currently sits as a judge for the Webby Awards and was a 2023 winner for her project Power + Voice

Heather's Selects

Websites Synchronized Studio has put out a lot of great work as an agency. Their Art Director is very talented. Their own agency website keeps it fun with a custom cursor, awesome video reel, and elegant animations. I love the simplicity of this site, as well as the scrolling 3D key, tasteful animations and photography. As their tagline suggests, they do make great shit. Their website is lighthearted and has great 3D elements and subtle, yet powerful animations.

Artists & Creators
David Kassan: There is real/raw emotion behind David Kassan’s paintings. He has a way of capturing humanity in such an honest way. His work is both powerful and expressive.
Amy Dresser: Photo retouching is a true art, and Amy Dresser’s work is just phenomenal. I took her course over 9 years ago, and it truly changed how I look at photography, especially for my client work. She has a real knack for getting rid of distractions in photos, as well as creating beautiful skin tones and complimentary backgrounds. I’ve consistently gone back through my notes from her course to retouch and correct photography given to me by my clients to use on their websites.
Banksy: Street art is something I have always admired. It has energy, unpredictability and is just freeing. Banksy has turned the art world upside down with his stencil work, not to mention his concealed identity which adds such an amazing layer of mystery to his art.

Montserrat: This is my go-to typeface for web design. It has excellent readability and balance.
Nueva Std: Nueva has an elegance to it, and also possesses great legibility and consistency throughout the typeface.
FF Din: FF Din has even kerning, has a certain strength to it and also has many different styles, making it a great choice for design. 

Events & Conferences
Webflow Conf: Webflow is such a powerful platform that boasts a “no code necessary” solution to web development. As a web designer, this conference was a must-to-attend. The conference as they put it is “a celebration of the makers, creators, and visionaries behind the world’s greatest websites” and this statement couldn’t be more true.
Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference: If you’re in the field of digital design, this conference is a great opportunity to meet global experts and like-minded individuals in the field. The speakers are fantastic, and there is a real sense of community looking to move the industry forward.
Jamstack Conf: Jamstack Conf is heavily geared towards web development/developers. It is such a great conference to attend because you learn a lot about modern web development techniques and emerging technologies. Since I oversee a team of developers, this conference gave me the ability to speak their language.

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