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Chipotle: A Future Begins by Hunt, Gather

2022 Gold - Websites: General-Sustainability
2022 Gold - Websites: Features-Best Visual Appeal
2022 Gold - Websites: Features-Best Web Graphics
2022 Gold - Websites: General-Other

Hunt, Gather teamed up with Chipotle to launch an advocacy campaign called “A Future Begins” to support the 2023 Farm Bill, aiming to transfer one million acres of farmland to young farmers. The campaign included a short film and educational website highlighting the impact of young farmers using renewable technologies and regenerative practices. We spoke with the team at Hunt, Gather to learn more about the creators, the video and the multiple Davey Gold award-winning website.

Describe the biggest obstacle or challenge working on the campaign.
Building the form that collects signatures. We needed to make the number update accurately in real time which was a bit of a technical hurdle. We also spent time weighing whether to collect more identifying info, but ultimately decided not to ask for addresses, etc., because it seemed like that would be too much of a hurdle and we would rather get more people to sign than get more personal data.

How does Hunt, Gather define creative success?
We’re a team who challenges each other daily to push creative boundaries, going  beyond aesthetics to generate fresh ideas that resonate with our clients and audience.

For us, creative success means inspiring action. This was particularly important for Chipotle: A Future Begins. The experience set out to educate, inspire, and build awareness of the impact Chipotle has on how food is grown as part of their mission to Cultivate a Better World. Ultimately, by asking Chipotle fans to add their signatures to the 2023 Farm Bill, we were able to gain more traction for legislative changes that secure land transfer and support future generations of farmers who grow our food.

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