Jury Selection

Trelanda Lowe, President, Vision Edge Media

"I am looking at the impactful message that’s being delivered, visual presentation, creativity, audio quality, and ASL accessible features."
Trelanda Lowe smiling in the sunlight in her studio

As a member of the disability, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC communities her entire life, Trelanda knows what it takes to tell authentic stories. Under her production brand Vision Edge Media, she delivers creative content and understands the importance of inclusion. Throughout her career, Trelanda has spoken at Virtual World Community Development Conferences (VWCDCs), participated in #NOTASHAME for Bender Leadership Academy, served as a panelist with ReelAbilities, and a variety of other organizations addressing disability issues.

As the Editor in Chief for Lights! Camera! Access! (LCA) Marketing, Trelanda understands the importance of providing disabled relatable content globally. Trelanda also served as Post Production Supervisor with ADA Lead On Production since 2020. She has been a Fellow Journalist for Women’s eNews, and has been the President and Creative Conceptual Artist at Bourgeois Magazine LA.

In 2022, Trelanda won a Davey Award in Diversity Equity and Inclusion for her podcast Phenomenal Disabilities. Her collaboration edits with ADA Lead On and Black Future Month Production resulted in two additional awards.

Trelanda’s Selects

We ask our jurors to weigh in on what they find interesting in culture. Read more about Trelanda’s top selects in Podcasts, Creators, TV, Media Outlets and more.


It’s Ok To Say Gay
As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and covering social content surrounding all communities with homelessness, etc. this podcast gives a fresh perspective to the topics addressed on the show.

The fckry
with Leslie Jones and Lenny Marcus

The duo hosts keep listeners entertained and relate to their viewpoints using a comedic twang. Listeners can also learn that podcast shows don’t always have to be serious when comedy is incorporated into each episode when guests are invited to share their perspective on topics.

Reid My Mind Radio

In light of the importance of disability content in media, Reid My Mind Radio podcast provides a fresh perspective on low vision podcast hosts who have established themselves globally within the BIPOC community. Listeners will enjoy informative topics from the disabled community, and stay engaged.

Media Outlets

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)
This is one of many LGBTQIA+ media brands that promotes authenticity, media accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion globally by providing a powerful platform for advocacy. GLAAD’s efforts to be an accessible platform demonstrate their commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community.


With ambitions for success, creative vision, producing rich content, and knowing her marketing audience, Shonda Rhimes has been a direct reflection of where she’s at today. Among the numerous work bodies Shonda created, Greys Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, & Bridgerton have held strong through viewership worldwide. Shonda is a strong example of a powerfully driven business woman of color in the media industry.

Disability-related content and topics have been the focus of this brand. Among many disability media outlets, they have worked heavily to get disabled individuals recognized. In addition, they have an accessible platform, and are an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion globally.  


A Netflix television miniseries by Patrick Somerville and Cary Joji Fukunaga, Maniac (2018), combines visual manipulation and well-written story body to tell the best story possible. The story follows two strangers who are forced to confront their root problems during a vacation at an obscure pharmaceutical company. This show is suspenseful, a rollercoaster ride of chaos laced with dark humor.


The Netflix show Hoarders (2021) invites the world into a core of personal pain, resistance to change, and healing to a better self with guests’ life experiences as hoarders. This docuseries show takes a proactive approach to helping viewers shed old habits and adopt a healthier way of life during a time when mental illness awareness is prevalent.

Better Call Saul

With the Better Call Saul series (2015-2022), there is spice, punch, and twist while leaving room for intrigue over Jimmy McGill’s journey as a crooked lawyer. There’s something exciting about watching a character everyone wants to hate. The narcissistic nature of Jimmy and his hunger for success, as well as those around him, keep viewers on their toes with curiosity.

Music Video Filmmakers

R.E.M. – Losing My Religion (dir. Tarsem Singh)
The biblical dreamlike, baroque style art of his experimental work captivates the eye. There’s something relatable about this music video.

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy & Windowlicker (dir. Chris Cunningham)

While each video evokes a dark edge quality, the Windowlicker music provides a sensual twist laced with grotesqueness. While infused with experimental visuals, art manipulation, and a dark edge, the videos appear almost magical.

Lady Gaga – Yoü and I (dir. Laurieann Gibson)

Stunning visual manipulation combined with story concept, color arrangement aesthetics, and stylistic quality submerges your cortex. The video definitely leaves a strong connection.


David LaChapelle
Known for capturing saturated color vibrancy through hand-painting analogue photography. Arrangements are delivered with boldness, glamour, and a sexy edge. 

Thierry Le Gouès

His high end photography style includes analog and digital. A combination of black and white and color pulls you in. Visually, his work also consumes you with its tastefully portrayed images.

Gordon Parks

He captures people with a poetically rhythmic flow in his analog black and white photography. Yet, each image gives you a sense of pride, love, and understanding of the subjects captured.


Gipsy Kings
A pop-oriented flamenco progressive band, with an instrumental blend of Catalan rumba, and salsa music locks listeners’ ears to their vibrant sounds. The rhythmic sounds and vocals of the group give a sense of energizing energy and passion to the soul.  It’s great music to listen to at any time of the day.

The Cure

An alternative indie band, mixed with upbeat and at times melancholy. A band to enjoy driving around town while bringing back youthful vibes. The band found a way to deliver a hip music style, while attracting the ears of the media industry in many films, and commercially utilized often for their catchy music style. 

Michael Jackson

Known for his smooth dance moves and pop music, Michael’s gifted talent is still valued globally. Through the lyrics in his songs, Michael connected with fans through his mix of pop and ballads. I am captivated by Michael’s music, remember the moonwalk, and so many other memorable performances he had done over the years. Definitely an artist that had connected globally with admiration for his creative style.

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